Beautiful Soles to Studio Reflection – The Why

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One of my favorite places is chilling on the lake with my family. Sitting in the sun, a cute pair of sunglasses on my face, and sunscreen on my body (because that’s what you do when you are white). Whether we are cruising on the boat, getting slung off the tube across the lake by my dad, or just hanging out; It’s the best place.

Waking up and walking outside on a not-so-cool summer morning and looking out on the smooth piece of glass that replaced the once choppy lake to see the entire reflection of the mountain and trees along the water’s edge. It’s peaceful, it’s light, it’s truly just a small glimpse of Jesus.

When you think about the lake. At least when I think about it, it’s full of sunburnt swimmers, jet skis, and people getting thrown from tubes. The water is choppy, hard & sometimes after a storm even messy. But the before. Before the boats, before the swimmers, before the busy, it’s complete reflection.

Just like the lake, God created us to be a reflection.

He created me to reflect. Reflect His goodness, His faithfulness, His love. Being His reflection doesn’t mean to preach at everyone you see on the street. (Because, if I was being honest and I wasn’t a follower of Jesus and someone came up to me & told me all the things I was doing wrong dooming me to hell; my stubborn self would do all the same things I was doing even harder than I was before.) But instead, using words of life. This makes all the difference. Being a disciple of my Jesus means to love life and live that life with purpose! It means to love on every single person you lay your eyes on. Smile at the person in the grocery store, buy the person’s meal behind you at McDonald’s, leave a tip even if your waitress isn’t the best.

Life gets crazy, choppy, hard and messy, that’s inevitable. But Jesus wants us to reflect Him in the midst of the busyness of life. He wants us to show off all of the things He has for this kiddos. I think that’s truly the best way to show Jesus to people. When life is messy and hard, there’s still hope. People make the things messy, just ask the lake, but people are the best part.

I am an image-bearer. I was made to reflect, and I choose to shine the reflection of Love. No matter what crappy situations I face, Jesus always gets me through, so I will always choose to reflect the goodness of my Jesus, in every part of my life.

This is where Studio Reflection comes from. Our name change is more than just a name change; it’s a promise. It’s a pledge. It’s saying that we, as teachers and students, instructors and dancers, are going to walk as Reflections of Jesus. We will reflect Jesus in our speech, our love, our dance. So here’s to walking as true reflections. Here’s to dancing as refections. Here’s to Studio Reflection and all that is to come.

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I am the artistic director and owner of Studio Reflections. Dancing for over 15 years, I could not imagine a life without my dance girls running around pouring their heart out to their Father. I love what I do & wouldn't do anything else!

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